About Liberate Yourself

We at Liberate Yourself have been helping New Zealanders and Australians to manage their weight and maintain a healthy relationship to food for over 20 years.

Our Australian counterpart introduced this particular system and between us we have successfully supported the weight management journey of countless individuals looking for a new approach. This website is dedicated to our adaptation of the work of Dr Simeons (Endocrinologist) and his hCG Dietary program. It is overseen by our registered Naturopath and company Director who has been spurred on by superior results

Download a complementary PDF of Pounds and Inches, by Dr. Simeon.

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Why Choose us?

  • We put our face to our product
  • Qualified personal support available (not a third party)
  • We know our product
  • We manufacture in a HACCP certified Australian facility and operate successfully throughout Australasia
  • We thrive on your success
  • Real Professionals, Real Product, Real Success

Stacey Jarvis N.D. BHSc (CompMed) DipHomT (Hons) PGrdDipMedHerb

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