The Liberate Yourself transformation is based on comfortable and achievable  strategic phases. The mini guide below will give you a small insight into this journey. When you purchase any of our kits, you will receive comprehensive guidelines, the necessary detail, to not only safely guide you through the entire process but also to explain and provide trouble shooting solutions as well as nutritional supplementation recommendations that may support this journey further. There are considerations for people who have related health issues that may affect your ability to manage weight including digestive complaints…As with any program there are conditions where we specifically advise against using this program. If you have a history of Anorexia, Bulimia or Mal-absorption issues, this is not the program for you, please seek medical advise from your trusted medical professional.

Phase 1 – Get Organised

Take a few days to get organised. There are no special foods you need to purchase as part of this program. We will provide you with a supermarket shopping list so you don’t get stuck. You may like to consult our Naturopath to decide if this program is right for you.

Phase 2  (3 or 6 week protocol)

Days 1 and 2 – The Loading

We encourage this phase to be filled with as much healthy fat and carbohydrate to which satisfies your natural hunger, including avocados, coconut milk smoothies, nuts and seeds, fruit and honey.

  • Weigh yourself daily in the morning after going to the toilet.
  • Take your hCG Liberate support drops as directed.
  • There is no requirement to reduce your caloric intake, rather the focus is to ensure your body is not starting the program depleted. Please we would rather you ate more rather than less and do not deprive yourself.

Days 3-23 – The crux of the Liberate Program

  • Drink 2-3 liters of water daily. The water assists with detoxification.
  • Eat only what is outlined in the manual and strictly according to the manual.
  • Your meals consist of protein, vegetables and fruit as well as a couple of snacks as outlined in your instructions.
  • You continue to take the drops or spray three times daily.
  • Your manual contains all directions and troubleshooting options.

Days 22-23 – The Flushing Out

  • Stop the drops.
  • Maintain dietary regime for two more days in readiness for Maintenance.

Phase 3 – Maintenance. Days 26-49

The maintenance period is regarded as the most important phase as this is where stability is achieved for long term success. Regular calorie consumption is resumed and carbohydrate choices are in accordance with your manual. The only other rule – watch the scales  daily to ensure stability is being maintained and respond as directed.

We recommend you choose to work with a qualified health professional, especially where multiple rounds of this program are required. There are also specific conditions that may affect your weight including Type Two Diabetes and an Under active Thyroid.Your Naturopath can guide you as to how best to factor these in. All weight management programs take time and effort to be successful in the long term, and because  individual results may vary we advise you to seek professional advice to get the most from your program in regards to both the diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. From Maintenance onward we  promote an approach that requires an average intake of 2000 calories/day to promotes your healthy metabolism.

Phase 4 – Lifetime Strategies

With gathering confidence, now is the time to establish new habits around exercise. Dr Simeons specifically advises against rigorous exercise initially preferring instead to maintain the level that you would normally undertake, as you move through  phase 2  of this program.  Phase three and four is the time to seek help and develop a new program. Long term success requires attention to all areas of health and wellness including balanced diet, exercise and positive relationships with ourselves and others.

Liberate Yourself is backed by qualified Naturopaths to help you achieve your goals. We stand by the results we have achieved for ourselves and our clients.