Your Liberate Yourself contains an extensice list of FAQs, in the meantime here is a snippet.  Keep in mind that Dr Simeon’s text “Pounds and Inches” discusses many issues from his deep experiential background from his time in practice.  Thus his text “Pounds and Inches” available for download here, is also an important resource.

The requirements of this dietary system are specific and we receive many questions from clients. The majority of your questions will be answered effectively with our qualified common sense approach and professional resources, however those individuals considering the program with chronic health concerns need work closely with one of our professional Naturopaths.

Dietary Questions

Q: Can I complete the dietary system if I am a vegetarian or vegan?
A: Yes

Q: Can I complete the dietary system if I am lactose intolerant?
A: Yes

Q: Are frozen veggies okay instead of fresh?
A: Fresh organic vegetables are our preference to help you detoxify, but frozen vegetables will suffice.

Q: Can I eat anything I want after the maintenance is complete?
A: The simple and honest answer is no. Your Manual will guide you through the process so you can make healthy choices moving forward.

Q: I’m experiencing food cravings.
A: Food addictions are very real. Long term past consumption of sugar, alcohol or gluten, will possibly generate addictive cravings. They will pass within a few days, but we can make recommendations that may support your sugar response.

Program Questions

Q: Are the dietary drops safe?
A: Yes, we have had no reports of adverse effects.As a point of interest: Women produce in excess of 1000,000 IU per day of the HcG hormone during pregnancy. There are no reports of adverse effects even at these levels on the mother or foetus, just the opposite actually. Our homeopathic product is a homeopthic preparation. It is our observation that many of our clients experience unexpected positive outcomes including improvement in mood, relief of chronic joint pain and relief of many other chronic inflammatory symptoms.

Q: Will I lose exactly one pound every day while on the program?
A: No, the weight loss rate is rarely a consistent trajectory. There will potentially be short stalls due to errors, lapses in consistency, lack of sleep, exercise, sunburn, or while other restorative actions occur.

Q: Can I complete the protocol if I am nursing a baby?
A: No, when you are nursing, your fats are needed for milk production.

Q: I’ve cheated and my weight loss appears to have stalled. What do I do now?
A: Cheating always has a price! Depending on how much you strayed from the discipline, it may take a few days for weight loss to return. Continue with the program until your weight loss returns.

Q: If I want to do another course, how long do I have to wait to start again?
A: Whether you have completed the full 6 week or 12 week system, or any length in between, including the relevant maintenance phases, then you can start another course of the dietary drops straight away.

Q: Can I drink alcohol during this system?
A: Alcohol is a definite NO during Phase 2 of the program. Dr Simeons suggests that a small glass of red wine during Phase 3 is acceptable.

Q: I’m at day 23 of Phase 2 and am doing so well that I want to continue. Can I?
A: This is a very common occurrence. Yes, if you wish to continue your system for up to 6 weeks then simply switch into the Maintenance Phase.

Q: Can I do more than 23 days but less than 40 days on Phase 2?
A: Absolutely you can.

Health Questions

Q: Will the dietary drops interfere with any medications I am currently taking?
A: There are no contraindications with commonly prescribed medications for chronic medical conditions. If you have concerns please ask your qualified Health practitioner.

Q: Should I stop my pharmaceutical medications while I am on the Liberate Program?
A: You should never stop your medications unless advised by a competent medical professional.

Q: What about birth control pills or Depo-Provera injections?
A: The dietary drops do not interact with any type of birth control pills or hormone replacement.

Q: Can I do the program if I’ve had a hysterectomy?
A: Yes

Q: Should I stop my vitamins while on the Program?
A: Please refer to the Liberate Manual for specific recommendations.

Q: How does the system affect cholesterol levels?
A: Cholesterol levels will fluctuate. There exists a great deal of emerging evidence to question the entrenched pharmaceutical and medical position on the value of cholesterol markers in the blood, however the majority of our clients find their cholesterol levels improve according to standard ranges.

Q: Will the system help my high blood pressure?
A: Weight Loss is recommended as part of a tailored approach to High Blood Pressure.

Q: Can I continue using my anti-depressant medications?
A: Yes. Do not stop without consulting the prescribing Professional.

Q: Can I continue using my anxiety medications?
A: Yes. Do not stop without consulting the prescribing Professional.

Q: If I don’t have a regular menstrual cycle will the dietary system affect that?
A: Poor Dietary choices can affect your Hormones negatively. This is a good opportunity to make positive changes and see how your previous choices has been impacting you.

Q: Should I discontinue my thyroid medications while completing the Liberate program?
A: No pharmaceutical drugs should be stopped without medical advice.

Q: I have such dry skin, what do you recommend during phase 2 of the dietary system?
A: This is common in the early stages of phase 2 and nothing to worry about. Dry Skin brush to increase circulation and improve blood flood to your skin.